MK-C03 CO2 Jet Machine

MOKA SFX MK-C03 co2 jet machine remains is industry standard when referring to the co2 jet machine. Which is most versatile and sought on the market so far.

From clubs to concerts, private parties to festivals, the MOKA SFX Co2 jet machine will get the job perfectly done.

MOKA SFX MK-C03 co2 jet machine can be controlled by DMX and standard power on/off.

When in DMX mode, the MK-C03 co2 jet machine can be controlled by DMX 512 controller, this MK-C03 co2 jet machine only has one channel.

  • Control by DMX and standard power on/off
  • adopt professional custom electric solenoid valve
  • cluster injection
  • Spray height reach to 10 meters


Spray Height:8 – 10 Meter
Angle:Vertical Only
Voltage:100V – 240 V / AC. 50/60 Hz
Max Power:30W
DMX Channel:1
Max Pressure:1600 Psi
Product Size:27.5 x 12.5 x 23cm
Packing Size (Carton):31 x 28 x 25cm
Component:Power Cord, DMX Cord, Gas Cord
Packing Option:Normal Carton / Flycase (Separate Cost)
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


You can jet the machine all the way, but better do not spray the co2 jet machine for 15 seconds continuously and do not jet the machine again within 5 seconds to protect the valve.

MOKA SFX co2 jet machine simple and compact, easy to install, we adopt a professional custom electric solenoid valve, cluster injection, the highest injection height can reach 10m, very powerful and shocking.

MOKA SFX co2 jet machine is adopted the anti-interference signal connector to ensure the stability of the signal when your co2 jet machine is working.

And we use high-quality resin hose, the max pressure can up to 2650psi, when you use a 40L co2 tank, the output pressure is 1000psi, it can bear the pressure easily.

You do not need to worry about blast when working. You can use SIPHON CO2 TANK for your co2 jet machine to operate properly. Using a standard non-siphon tank will not produce the desired effect.

Inverting a standard CO2 tank can be used as a last-resort method, however, we do not advise this, as it can be a safety hazard.


Generally speaking, it can last to use for 70 seconds for a 40L tank, if you need to share one tank with two MK-C03 co2 jet machine or special request, pls feel free to contact us, we could customize the hoses and customize your project according to your requirement.

MOKA SFX MK-C03 co2 jet machine has passed CE, RoHS, and FCC certificate.

Besides, we offer one year warranty.

We will offer you a solution for the first time if any problem.

We also suggest you take some other equipment to work with the CO2 jet machine together, such as cold spark machines, flame machines, confetti machines, and inevitable stage lights.

Above all, MOKA SFX co2 jet machine master all atmosphere, it is a reliable stable powerful safety professional co2 jet machine, contact with Moka SFX now and takes it!

MOKA SFX CO2 Cannon Products needs to be used with a siphon-type CO2 storage tank, and cannot operate normally in a standard CO2 storage tank. Therefore, when purchasing, you must ensure that the supplier provides a siphon storage tank.

Generally speaking, both natural gas and welding suppliers will sell carbon dioxide at the same time. We recommend using as large a storage tank as possible. When the storage tank is larger, the number of sprays (the duration of continuous spraying) you can use CO2 Jet is more. Each pound of CO2 will support a spray time of approximately 1.5-2 seconds.

If you need support for obtaining carbon dioxide tanks, please feel free to contact us.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.

1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA SFX MK-C03 CO2 Jet Machine: Best Smoke Effects for All Your Events


    ▾ A Look into MK-C03 CO2 Jet Machine: Features and Advantages
    ▾ Installation and Operations of MK-C03 Jet Machine
    ▾ Input Requirements
    ▾ Safety Standards and Precaution Requirements
    ▾ Get this Cryo Jet CO2 Machine Today!

Close your eyes and visualize an awesome stage show. What do you see? Are there some cool light effects? Or do you see some crazy flame effects? There must definitely be some confetti falling down the sky? These special effects undoubtedly make a stage performance incredible!

Many elements go into the making of a stellar stage performance. Right from the sound and light system to confetti and flame machines, a grand performance needs an equally grand arrangement behind the scenes.

One of the many components that can add an impressive touch to a stage show is CO2 cannons. Imagine the kind of energy you can create with a couple of cannons erupting smoke across the stage and up the sky!

This is what a CO2 jet machine can accomplish. Make any event mindblowing with a dash of smoke effects! These machines come in various dimensions, big and small, to cater to various types of events.

At MOKA SFX, we provide close to 20 different models of carbon dioxide cannon for several kinds of stage performances. You can find a collection of different sizes with diverse features. From massive concerts to award shows and parties, we have a CO2 jet machine for every event!

One of the popular models available at MOKA SFX is the MK-C03 jet machine. It is made with the cutting-edge cryo jet technology that works in a versatile manner for all your CO2 smoker requirements. Whether it is a small crowd or a massive audience, the MK-C03 CO2 jet guarantees a show worth remembering!

This is a comprehensive guide on this model of MOKA SFX’s CO2 machine catalog. Read ahead to know how it can make your event a super hit!


MK-C03 CO2 Jet Machine


A Look into MK-C03 CO2 Jet Machine: Features and Advantages

Built as per the best industry standards, the MOKA SFX MK-C03 carbon dioxide cannon offers wide-ranging functionality for event hosts. With an array of features built into this machine, you can add a stunning effect to any stage show! This cryo jet model also brings to you many upgrades in comparison to most other machines in the market.


Multidirectional Flexibility with a Wide Movement Range

The MK-C03 comes with an extensive angular range to ensure maximum flexibility in the machine’s movement. You can tilt the barrel at any angle between 0 to 180 degrees. The machine’s user-friendly build allows you to adjust this handle without any need for disassembling the setup.

When you are hosting an event at a comparatively smaller venue, you can use either one or two MK-C03 cryo jet machines to add smoke effects. The adjustable handles will let you spread out this smoke to cover a wider area at a small venue. Besides, at larger events like a sports game, co2 cannons can fill the entire area with smoke coming out of these flexible barrels.

The adjustability of the barrels is one of the key features of a CO2 machine. With MOKA SFX MK-C03, you get the benefit of easy adjustability!


Greater Height Coverage for Bigger Events

An open stadium concert or a grand stage performance will need special smoke effects that can cover the whole sky. With the smoke coming out from MK-C03, you can effortlessly create an impressive spectacle and add a unique touch to your event.

This CO2 cryo jet machine can produce smoke that reaches as much as 10 meters high in the sky. With this massive vertical distance capacity, it can enliven any event irrespective of its scale! This is best suited for large-scale events with bigger venues to fill. When using the machine in small bursts, you can create a longer-lasting effect.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


Harmless Smoke Without Any Discomfort

One of the best features of MOKA SFX’s co2 cannons is that they do not produce ice smoke. Smoke made from ice can cause burns or general discomfort to the audience or even the on-stage performers.

With the MK-C03 cryo jet machine, you get the guarantee of harmless smoke that only adds a special touch to your event. It produces ice-less shots that are safer for those in the audience. Besides, the performers on the stage do not have to worry about their safety.

Oftentimes, there is smoke on the stage to make some changes or transitions in the performance. With this CO2 machine, the smoke on stage will neither burn their eyes nor feel uncomfortable on their skin.


Ergonomic Design with a Sturdy Built

MOKA SFX has designed the MK-C03 cryo jet machine most compactly. The machine’s ergonomic design equips it with all the necessary features while keeping it small and handy in size.

You can easily place it anywhere on the stage or near the crowd. It will not become a prominent presence obstructing the main show.

Moreover, the machine has a tough exterior. This enables it to firmly stay at its position without wobbling around. It can stay put even in terrible weather conditions. No matter how intense the show gets, this carbon dioxide machine will hold its ground and continue emitting smoke effects.


Advanced Quality Plug for Highest Safety Level

The plug holds a special significance for any stage equipment. Without a good quality plug, a machine poses a potential hazard for the event. This is because the plug might catch fire if it is not able to take the pressure.

At MOKA SFX, every single machinery is built with maximum standards of safety. The MK-C03 co2 machine also comes with an ip65 Neutrik plug. It is waterproof and capable of handling huge amounts of pressure as well. With this machine, you can add as much smoke as you want in your show without worrying about safety concerns.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


DMX 512 for Optimum Control

When you have a DMX control, it becomes easy to operate a machine even for someone who is considerably new to the equipment. With this idea, MOKA SFX created a DMX-controlled machine for emitting CO2 smoke.

The MK-C03 cryo jet machine comes with a DMX 512 controller. The machine has a standard on and off switch for handling its power. When you switch it on, you can easily take care of its operations using this control board. It allows you to decide the intensity or pressure of the smoke besides determining its injection height. You can also control the sound output.

In essence, it makes life easier for the person responsible for adding smoke effects in the event.


Varying Pressure Limits for Different Events

No two kinds of events will have the same requirement for CO2 smoke. A wedding party’s smoke effects will be significantly different from a music concert’s effects. This differentiation requires a diverse range of pressure.

At the outset, you have to get a clear idea of the pressure requirement for the event you are hosting. Based on this requirement, you can choose a CO2 cylinder and pressure it accordingly.

Therefore, the machine can cater to different smoke needs for various kinds of events!


Faster Dissolution of Smoke

The smoke coming out of cryo jets can be harmful if left in the air for a long while. This smoke turns into the fog and can cause inconvenience. It needs quick dissolution to avoid any unintended harm to the performers and the audience.

The MK-C03 by MOKA SFX is made with an advanced technology that can easily dissolve the smoke in the air. Moreover, it does so in very little time to avoid any harm. This ensures that the audience for your event does not face any trouble owing to the suspended fog in the air.


Easy Portability and Long Durability

Two features that add to the long list of merits of the MK-C03 machine are its portability and durability. With its compact design, you can carry the machine anywhere without much hassle. It weighs approximately 6.5 kgs, making it convenient to carry two of these by hand. Besides, you can put it in your car or any other vehicle as well. Its small shape will cause no problem.

As far as durability is concerned, this carbon dioxide machine has a high-quality exterior. Made with the best industrial materials, the MK-C03 promises a long life even after repeated use. Its hose is made with quality resin. Besides, it has an electric solenoid valve for smoke emission. In sum, the machine comes equipped with superior quality components to last longer than usual.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


Installation and Operations of MK-C03 Jet Machine

The MOKA SFX MK-C03 co2 machine is easy to install and easier to operate. The machine is designed with a user-friendly structure to enable quick easy understanding and effortless functioning. As already mentioned, the operator does not need to have professional training for controlling this machine. Besides, the assembling process will take only a few minutes.

You can refer to the user guide for installing the different components of the machine. Given below are a few steps that you can follow to use this equipment.

  • To begin with, you need to put the CO2 cylinder in its prescribed position.
  • After fastening the CO2 tank, you have to attach the hose to the cylinder. You can customize this hose as well.
  • Once this step is done, you need to link the hose to the machine. This way it becomes a connector between the machine and the CO2 tank.
  • Lastly, you just need to turn on the gas valve.


Input Requirements

The MOKA SFX MK-C03 works on carbon dioxide. This is a cryo jet machine and will, therefore, need a siphon CO2 cylinder for its primary fuel. A siphon cylinder comes with liquid carbon dioxide that helps in creating stunning visual smoke effects.

Once the liquid CO2 is released into the air from the machine’s nozzle, it reacts with the surrounding air. The reaction mainly involves a rapid expansion of the liquid CO2. This reaction creates a foggy smoke-like effect since the liquid turns into clouds of carbon dioxide. These CO2 clouds not only add an impressive touch to the event but also cool down the atmosphere with their cold nature.

At MOKA SFX, you can get co2 cylinders of different capacities. You can check the compatibility of the MK-C03 cryo jet machine and get a CO2 tank accordingly.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


Safety Standards and Precaution Requirements

Stage equipment needs the utmost level of safety. After all, the success of your event depends on the seamless functioning of the machinery responsible for special effects. At MOKA SFX, every product is built with the highest levels of safety matching all the industry standards.

The MK-C03 cryo jet machine is well tested and certified from the CE, RoHS, and FCC. However, like any other machinery, you need to follow a few precautions while operating this machine as well.

  • First, you can get the best results when you use the machine from the ground. Place it on a flat surface for getting the optimum smoke effects.
  • If you wish to go with a hanging smoke emitter, then you can find various models of co2 cannons at MOKA SFX.
  • You must use this machine in a properly ventilated area. The presence of ambient air is of utmost importance for a co2 smoke emitter. Otherwise, it can cause adverse consequences.
  • Avoid using the machine in a space surrounded by people. Not only can this cause harm to any individual, but it can also create a suffocating environment.
  • Do not place the machine’s nozzle towards a person. If this happens, the concerned person might get injured. Choose a safe space with a considerable gap between the audience and the machine.


Get this Cryo Jet CO2 Machine Today!

Reliable is the best word to describe MOKA SFX. With a wide-ranging catalog of products for stage equipment, we are more than capable of fulfilling all your needs. From flame machines to confetti cannons and more, you enjoy an endless variety at our company.

We offer many variants of co2 cannons and jet machines. We pride ourselves on the best quality and build of our products. You will get nothing but the most premium products in terms of both functioning and industry standards. Visit our website and browse through our catalog to make your purchase today!

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