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MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE is the Stage Effects Machine Easy to Control the Stage Atmosphere. It Always can Create an Imposing and Shocking Power Stage Effects for You.

Blast Your Stage with MOKA SFX CO2 Cannon

MOKA SFX has been a professional stage effects manufacturer in China since 2013, one of its main products is MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE, which has shown a good reputation in the USA, Europe, and South American countries

  • Accept the urgent order and OEM
  • Passed the certificate including CE ROHS FCC
  • Built up the over warehouse in the USA and Germany
  • Attend the international Sound and Lighting Fair every year, like Germany Frankfurt, USA, CANTON Fair

MOKA SFX CO2 Cannon Machine

H-C06 Hang CO2 Cannon

Hanging CO2 Cannon

H-C08 Super LED CO2 Cannon Gun

Super LED CO2 Cannon Gun

Compact CO2 Cannon

12M CO2 Jet

9*8W RGB LED CO2 Jet

Moving Head co2 jet

180° Swing CO2 Cannon

4 head CO2 jet

4-Head CO2 Jet

MK-C05 CO2 Cannon Blaster

LED Strip CO2 Cannon Blaster

MK-C07 CO2 Blaster

Handheld CO2 Blaster

MK-C09 CO2 Cannon

Vertical CO2 Cannon

Double Barrel CO2 Jet

DMX LED Double Barrel CO2 Jet

MOKA MK-C13 CO2 blaster

4 Nozzles CO2 Jet Cannon

MK-C14 CO2 Spray gun

LED Strip DJ CO2 Cannon

LCD Display DMX CO2 Cannon

RGB LED CO2 Jet with Double Tubes

MOKA SFX MK-C32 CO2 Confetti Cannon

DMX Confetti Rainbow

Stage CO2 Cannon Machine

MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE is the stage effects machine to control the stage atmosphere, including co2 jet machine, led co2 gun, co2 confetti machine, etc, the spray height of MOKA CO2 Cannon Machine is 8-10m, each co2 jet machine will with 6m hose, widely used in the nightclub, events, entertainment, and parties.

The hose material of MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE we used the no smell resin hose, pressure rate is 4350PSI, and brass Co2 Jet Machine Electrical Valve with 1400 Psi.

As a different standard co2 tank in a different country, the hose comes with a standard connector.

We support DMX control to MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE, there will be powerful effects when several machines work together.

The Factory production of MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE is 500pcs per month, we accept the urgent order and OEM, don’t worry about the delivery date.

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H-C08 Super LED CO2 Cannon

2024 Most Popular CO2 Cannon

  • MAX Pressure: 1400 psi
  • Spray Distance: 7~8 meters
  • Rechargeable, Flexible, and Fit DJs, Clubs

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Pelican Hill Fest
Sonora Santanera
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Why Choose MOKA SFX CO2 Jet Machine?



MOKA SFX is a professional stage effects manufacturer in China since 2013, we produce cold spark machines, confetti machines, fog machines, flame machines,etc, which all showed a good reputation in the USA, Europe, South American countries. One of the main products is MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE.

MOKA SFX does the production, design, and sales of stage equipment, we have a strong technical team, if you have any problems with MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE, we will reply to you within 24 hours.


The warranty of MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE is one year, if you have after-sale problems with spare parts, we will send you the free fittings, but shipping is on you.


And MOKA SFX welcomes you to visit our factory to test the quality of MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE one by one, the better quality will make you smile.

Shipping Method

Talking about the shipping of MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE, there are three ways for your choice: by express, by air, by sea, it’s better if you have your own agent.

Warehouses around the world

We have already built up the warehouse of the MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE in the USA, you can receive the machine during a few days without paying any shipping and tax.


Also, MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE accepts the customized design on the appearance and prints your logos, but there is a certain MOQ request.

MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE also named MOKA CO2 Cannons, will create some new comings every six months to meet the market.

All the MOKA CO2 JET MACHINE has passed the certificate including CE, ROHS, FCC.

We will attend the international Sound and Lighting Fair every year, like Germany Frankfurt, USA, CANTON Fair, showing the updated product and meeting the new &regular clients.


CO2 jet


Your Complete Guide to CO2 Jet Machines

    ▾ What Are The Most Suitable Events For Using CO2 Jet Machines?
    ▾ Can You Fire The CO2 Jet Machine in Any Direction?
    ▾ What Should You Know About The Installation and Set Up?
    ▾ Are CO2 Jet Machines a Safe Choice?
    ▾ How Long Do CO2 Special Effects Last?
    ▾ What Are The Primary Components of CO2 Jet Machines?
    ▾ What Are The Perks of Using CO2 in Jet Machines?
    ▾ Do CO2 Jet Machines Offer a Cooling Effect?
    ▾ What Are The Key Considerations Regarding The CO2 Blasts in a Jet Machine?
    ▾ Which CO2 Tank is Majorly Used in a CO2 Jet Machine?
    ▾ Are CO2 Jet Machines Mobile?

CO2 jet machines are ingenious units that produce a spray of a simulated stream. They utilize liquid carbon dioxide to generate a smoke effect that disappears without any trails on cue. By entertaining your crowd at your party, these machines offer a touch of magic and give that unique WOW factor.

If you are hosting a corporate event or party at your school, house, or another venue, you can make it memorable by assembling CO2 jet machines. These special effects are used at eminent nightclubs, by DJs, and at music concert stages such as EDM, Ultra, Coachella, and more!

Today, CO2 jets have fashioned into an insignia at all concerts and events. They have been gaining immense popularity in the entertainment industry,  with state-of-the-art tools and enhancements. With convenient assembling, operation, and maintenance, you can achieve phenomenal professional entertainment standards with these effects.

All the effects of a CO2 jet machine are extremely versatile, high-impact, and outlined for continual usage in every scenario. Serving as a valuable addition to events, this machine creates effects with endless possibilities!


CO2 jet


What Are The Most Suitable Events For Using CO2 Jet Machines?

With its special effects, CO2 jet machines blast your event into an altogether new era. Delivering heart-pimping visual effects, these machines are one of the most popular special-effect systems across the marketplace.

From TV Studios to film festivals, CO2 jet machines are versatile and safely connect themselves to any rigging or stage. You can also use it to facilitate a cooling effect that dramatically revitalizes your audience or guests. Here are some of the most suitable events that utilize CO2  jet machines for special effects:

  • Stage Productions

Since gas is highly receptive to the wind, you receive the best results indoors. Therefore, these effects are ideal for stage shows, theatre productions, and indoor gigs.

  • Sports Events

Many sport event organizers use CO2 jet machines. When two of these are fired by facing each other, it creates a massive cloud of fog or smoke that brings forth a dramatic effect during team entries.

  • Music Festivals and Performance

Firing special effects through CO2 jet machines in time during concerts and stage shows drastically elevates the performance, much like large-scale EDM concerts.


CO2 jet


Can You Fire The CO2 Jet Machine in Any Direction?

Yes, you can fire a CO2 jet machine in any direction – vertically downwards or upwards when rigged on-stage, or even horizontally. These units are meticulously designed to meet an array of needs and cater to different kinds of event categories. Also, depending upon the requirement, you can also get them attached to a truss.

What Should You Know About The Installation and Set Up?

In most instances, the CO2 heads of jet machines are rigged to a truss or a stage. Furthermore, a feed hose runs back to the CO2 source tank. If necessary, you may also receive a wireless alternative that carries the ability to propel in and out of a position quickly. Therefore, this provides extensive flexibility for sports events.

Are CO2 Jet Machines a Safe Choice?

CO2 jet machines are safe to install and use amid large crowds and gatherings. However, there are certain precautions that you must be aware of while using these.

  • Always install your CO2 jet machine at a distance farther than nearly 5 feet from any person.
  • Never shoot the CO2 fog directly onto an individual’s face for any period. This may displace the ambient breathing air and further cause asphyxiation.
  • At times, small fragments of ice may fire out of the nozzles. Hence, this initiates a risk of freeze/cold burn from the CO2 gas.
  • Never hold a CO2 jet machine by the barrel, particularly after its usage, since it becomes extremely cold.
  • Once the CO2 jet machine connects to the CO2 tank, the gas crossing the unit will be under high pressure. Therefore, do not disconnect the fitting, bridging the hose to it until the tank is turned off, and the residual gas has released through the hose.
  • Do not allow any individual under the influence of alcohol or drugs to operate the equipment.
  • In case of emergencies, utilize the emergency shut off instruction sheet.

While using a CO2 jet machine, you do not have to work through the mechanics yourself. You will have trained professionals who know the intricacies of these units and ensure 100% safety. Furthermore, these experts also adhere to certain BPA guidelines and undertake a wide-ranging list of precautionary measures. All potential risks are outlined within your health, in addition to the safety document.


CO2 jet


How Long Do CO2 Special Effects Last?

The duration of the longevity of CO2 special effects relies on the size of the source bottle. Usually, it varies at different quantities – 5kg, 9kg, and 36kg bottles.  Based on your distinct event needs, you can expect special effects continuance at approximately 20, 30, or 90 seconds respectively.

Additionally, it is also possible to link two separate bottles together. You also get the option of switching in fresh bottles as per the requirement. In many cases,  air temperature also carries an impact on the density and size of the jets, along with how quickly the gas disbands after the firing.

What Are The Restrictions Associated With CO2 Jet Machines?

CO2 jet machines take special effects to another dimension with their features and functionalities. Yet, there are a handful of restrictions that you must know of. These are as follows:

  • Although you can utilize CO2 Jet Machines outdoors, you achieve the best results indoors. This is because the gas is highly susceptible to wind.
  • Sometimes, CO2 special effects make a high-pitch noise. Thus, this may appear unsuitable for some kinds of events.
  • Essentially, CO2 heads are attached to a CO2 cylinder. Owing to the size of the cylinder bottles, these are usually hidden out of sight – preferably backstage. They must remain upright, and should not be laid down underneath the stage.

What Are The Primary Components of CO2 Jet Machines?

Typically, with every CO2 jet machine, you receive several components, each of which is essential for its working. Also, these ensure the proper operation of your CO2 jet. The components are as follows:

  • CO2 Jet

This is the most important piece of the puzzle. It attaches itself to all the other components to produce a stream of CO2.

  • Power Cord

The power cord is an electrical cable that connects the Jet to a stable electrical supply. Usually, these are suitable for up to 300VAC.

  • CO2 Hose

A high-pressure CO2 hose, the rate of which generally revolves around 3000PSI.

  • CO2 Attachment Tool

The CO2 attachment tool tightens the fitting of any CO2 tank.

  • CO2 Washers

CO2 washers are a well-suited component that seals the conjunction between your CO2 tank and your CO2 hose.

  • Output Terminator

An output terminator is affixed towards the end of your CO2 line. It terminates the CO2 output. The components of CO2 jet machines are lightweight and durable. Each of these is built with high-grade materials,  with a lifetime warranty. These special effect party equipment facilitate a handy, swift installation process, and are easily concealable.

Word of caution

  • Refrain from using any kind of knock-off components, such as fittings, hoses, etc. These can place you in hazardous situations.
  • These components are only compatible with liquid CO2 gas cylinders. Therefore, do not use other types of gases, such as helium, nitrogen, argon, etc. for the same.


CO2 jet


What Are The Perks of Using CO2 in Jet Machines?

In the present times, liquid CO2 is a far better alternative to other gases, especially the regular LN2 system. Thus, a lot of production organizations utilize it. Furthermore, CO2 makes a wide range of sophisticated effects when set against LN2. Due to its basic concept and quick production, CO2 Jet Machines are significantly inexpensive.

Let us begin by describing what exactly CO2 is. Carbon Dioxide is a colorless, odorless, and naturally occurring gas that is crucial to life. Under high pressure, CO2 compresses in a liquid form. Cylinders contain liquid CO2 and a dip tube that enables the release of the liquid.

  • Step 1

The professionals securely attach the jet machine to the stage, ground, ceiling, or trussing. Subsequently, they safeguard the cylinders, placing them relatively closer to the actual Jet Machine.

  • Step 2

After the installation of both, experts attach a high-pressure hose to the tank through an adapter. Additionally, the other end goes into the inlet port. After everything is in place, it is time to power the unit.

  • Step 3

Once the CO2 jet machine obtains power, it opens the valve that facilitates the passage of CO2 liquid through the proprietary nozzle. Then, the liquid reacts to the ambient air and rapidly expands at an exponential rate. This reaction results in a stream of dense, white smoke that is visually appealing and cold.

Do CO2 Jet Machines Offer a Cooling Effect?

CO2 jet machines have been cooling discotheques, dance floors, and stages for several years now. This is one of the greatest effects of a CO2 Jet Machine and proves highly profitable for areas with large-scale gatherings. Special effects like vanishing clouds and the ability to reduce the temperature in a couple of seconds are some of the tricks that many bars and DJs use across America.

The fast-moving smoke that channels out of jet machines cool down the temperature of a specific space. Furthermore, you can create various colors of smoke as the party lights on your stage reflect the smoke.

CO2 jet machines let you blow a chilled CO2 theatrical fog stream that produces outstanding special effects. This fog is capable of reducing the stage or the dance floor temperature to around 15-20 degrees within seconds.

What Are The Key Considerations Regarding The CO2 Blasts in a Jet Machine?

CO2 blasts should be spaced out and used sparingly. Consider the following key aspects regarding the CO2 blasts in a jet machine :

  • The CO2 blasts should not occur closer than 15 to 30 minutes apart.
  • CO2 blasts should be around 5 seconds in duration.
  • These blasts must take place in areas with proper air circulation and ventilation.


CO2 jet


Which CO2 Tank is Majorly Used in a CO2 Jet Machine?

Usually, a Siphon tank is essential for your CO2 jet machine to create the optimum effects. You can either use a Siphon CO2 tank of sizing 20 LB or 50 LB. Liquid CO2 is the core of producing the huge plumes of fog. Thus, gaseous CO2, which is a byproduct of a non-Siphon CO2 tank, does not create a maximal fog effect.

The siphon tube feeds the Jet Machine liquid from the bottom of the tank. On the other hand, a standard CO2 tank draws the CO2 gas towards the top. Your tank has consumed all the liquid; the fog will appear to be thinner. This indicates that it is time to get a refill.

Moreover, even after the liquid is completely exhausted, the tank still carries gas pressure. However, it will no longer create fog. This effect works to its fullest potential during humid environments. Additionally, if the humidity levels hit 25% or below, the smoke begins to appear noticeably thinner. You can use the weather application on your smartphone to monitor the local humidity level.

Remember, if a full tank is unable to produce smoke, you are most likely to own the wrong one. You can ask your gas supplier to replace it with a Siphon model.

In the United States, Matheson, Airgas, and Praxair are the most popular companies that rent or sell CO2 tanks. Furthermore, BOC and Linde, Nippon Gase

are one of the leading industrial gas suppliers throughout the UK and Europe. Each of these has a nationwide franchise.


Click here to locate your nearest Matheson site.

Click here to locate your nearest Praxair site.

Click here to locate your nearest Airgas site.

Click here to locate your nearest BOC site.

Click here to learn more about Nippon gas services

Click here to find Linde’s online delivery services for industrial gas supplies.


CO2 jet


Are CO2 Jet Machines Mobile?

Yes, CO2 jet machines are designed in such a way that they can be easily transferred from one area to another. Moreover, nowadays, much bigger versions with straps are arriving on the market. You can now move around and generate more creative smoke special effects all over the stage or floor. In some jet machines, you will find custom straps that enclose the CO2 tank, working as a fastener.

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