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Should U Clean Your Fog Machine?

The carnival is over, and the performance of the fog machine has also come to an end. As the laughter and music fade away, proper cleaning and storage are essential steps to ensure the age and outstanding performance of the equipment when it returns. Are you feeling puzzled about how to clean the fog machine? This blog will guide you step by step on how to clean the fog machine yourself, ensuring that it delivers outstanding results every time!

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HOW To Clean?

  1. Firstly, when there is still fog fluid remaining in the tank, do not rush to turn off the equipment. Let the fog machine continue running until the fuel is used up. This step helps to clean the internal pipes, prevent liquid residue, and create better conditions for the next use.
  2. If there is too much remaining liquid, consult the supplier to see if the smoke machine you purchased can remove the tank to pour out the remaining fog oil. If it can, store the remaining fluid for the next use; if the tank cannot be removed, ensure that the next activity interval is not too much, or do not pour in too much smoke fluid next time.
  3. If the tank can be removed, rinse the tank with clean water after pouring out the liquid, and store it after drying to prevent the accumulation of scale.
  4. After using the smoke machine, the body would not have too many stains. If there are any, you can wipe the body with a dry cloth.
  5. After handling the smoke oil in the tank, prepare this simple and magical formula: a 1:20 ratio mix of water and white vinegar. This is not only a cleaning method but also a ritual to give the smoke machine a new life. Pour the mixed solution into the tank, turn on the machine switch, and spray smoke.
  6. After completing the previous step, pour out the cleaning solution.


Except following the proper cleaning steps, it is also essential to follow our instruction manual when using your fog machine. Correct usage procedures can also extend the lifespan of the fog machine.

Regular maintenance not only improves atomization efficiency, but also ensures that every release of fog is purer and smoother. This creates a stable and efficient performance state for the fog machine. However, maintenance intervals should not be overly frequent and should be determined based on your usage cycle.

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Common Issues

  • The oil pump is unable to extract oil?
    -The possibility of oil pump failure is very small. Unless you use it before the smoke machine has finished heating! Preheat until “ready” is displayed before starting work.
    -The machine cannot dry extract continuously, make sure there is fuel in the tank.
    -Ensure you are using high-quality smoke oil, otherwise internal machine parts will be very susceptible to blockage by impurities or oil residue in the fuel, leading to failure.
  • Fog machine produces low volume!
    Check whether the oil pump or temperature controller is blocked by impurities, then consult the supplier!
  • Forest Fog Machine/Pro-morning Haze Machine/500W Fog Machine is noisy!
    It may be the air pump taking in oil, consult your supplier to see how to resolve this.

Want to know more about fog machine? Check our Youtube video about fog machine and sent your inquiry!


  1. At the wedding, the clever combination of the fog machine and the cold spark machine seems to have added a mysterious veil to love. As the new couple steps onto the stage, the fog rises gently, and the cold sparkler leap among it, creating a fairyland-like scene.
  2. In stage performances, the joint performance of the smoke machine and the fire machine is a spectacular sight. As the stage lights dim, the haze slowly diffuses, and the flames rise from the smoke, instantly igniting the entire stage and bringing a thrilling sensory experience to the audience.
  3. In concerts or nightclub parties, the smoke machine serves as a powerful assistant in creating atmosphere. Illuminated by laser lights, the swirling mist creates a fashionable, dreamy ambiance, filling the entire space with dynamism and vitality.

Overall, the fog machine, through its clever combination with other special effects equipment, can produce excellent effects in various scenarios. Whether it’s a wedding, stage performance, or nightclub party, the smoke machine has demonstrated its diverse application potential, adding color to various events. If you don’t know how to set up your party or event space, consult with us now! We know how to ignite the audience’s passion.

Other Problems?

The durability of the fog machine depends on how well you clean and maintain it before and after use. For any other issues, please refer to the common FAQ for fog machine. If your machine malfunctions, please contact your supplier or MOKA staff, and we will address all your concerns.

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