MK-B13 LED 2-Way Smoke Bubble Machine

LED 2-way smoke bubble machine by MOKA SFX is a versatile stage effects machine that combines bubble machine, smoke machine, and LED lights all in one.

With the dual nozzle design, it can create numerous fog-filled bubbles per minute. When these bubbles touch the ground, they pop and release a light, white smoke that gently spreads through the air, instantly covering the space. LED lights add color to the bubbles, creating a stunning and enchanting atmosphere.

This machine is primarily used to create a joyful, celebratory, or romantically dreamy ambiance at events like outdoor parties, celebrations, and weddings.

  • Dual nozzles for stable and rich bubble flow
  • Efficient and quiet 4 fans & adjustable air outlet
  • 24 pcs RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs (each 3W)
  • Control: DMX512, remote, manual
  • Can be suspended from trusses
  • Covering 400㎡ space, 900W power


LED24x3W 4-in-1 RGBW
VoltageAC220V/240V, 50Hz/60hz
Max Power900W
ControlDMX512 (8 Channels) / LCD Panel / Remote Control
Oil Capacity2.3Lx3
Product Size43×32.5x44cm (L*W*H)
Packing Size48.5x39x51cm (Carton)
ComponentPower Cord, DMX Cord
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


MOKA SFX’s MK-B13 2-Way Smoke Bubble Machine (also called fog bubble machine) does two things: it makes bubbles with smoke inside and can also produce ordinary bubbles.

This bubble fogger is strong because it’s made of metal. But remember, it needs maintenance sometimes.
Inside, there are two silent speed fans that use bubble rods wigging left and right to cut giant bubbles into many small ones, which are then blown into the air.

It has three liquid tanks: One for smoke and two for bubbles(for every 2.3 liters). To make fog, MK-B13 warms up fog oil. Vents on the metal case let out heat to keep it working properly. It can be controlled using an LCD panel and wireless remote control.
This machine also supports DMX control with 8 channels. With the included DMX signal cable, you can easily change various functions, like fog emission duration, LED strobe, etc.

You can put the LED fog bubble machine on the ground or hang it up. If you hang it, be careful and make sure that there are no people underneath during installation.


Do you want to increase your sales? This 2-way LED smoke bubble machine can help.
It has a new design that stops bubbles from sticking and piling up at the outlet. Add it to your product line, and give your customers a bubble machine they can trust.

Brand-new separate oil tank design saves bubble liquid and works better than the old way of storing bubble oil at the front edge of the machine. Your important customers will really like this idea.

You can customize the DMX signal cable from us. This will provide you with greater flexibility to cater to the specific needs of different customer types.

LED Fog Bubble Machine meets the safety standards of CE, RoHS, and FCC. As a distributor or wholesaler, you can offer various business opportunities to each customer, from rentals and event planning to sales.

Do you need bubble oil and smoke oil? You can buy them from us. If you’re interested or have any questions, feel free to reach out to the MOKA SFX team. We’re available 24/7 to assist you.

  • Don’t plug in before filling it with liquid!
  • No smoking near the machine.
  • Keep away from rainy or damp places, as it’s not waterproof.
  • After use, the floor might be wet; clean to avoid slipping.
  • Use proper bubble and fog oils, not dish soap!
  • Don’t add perfumes or other substances to the liquid!

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Why is the MK-B13 Smoke Bubble Machine the Best Choice for Stage Effects?

▾ Captivating Smoke Bubbles with 2-Way LED Bubble Machine
▾ What Benefits Does the Latest LED 2-Way Smoke Bubble Machine Bring?
▾ Consumables for the 2-Way Smoke Bubble Machine
▾ MK-B13 LED Smoke Bubble Machine Supports Various Control Methods
▾ How to Use the Smoke Bubble Machine?
▾ Where to Use the Smoke Bubble Machine?
▾ Conclusion

MK-B13 LED 2-way smoke bubble machine from MOKA SFX is great for creating captivating effects on stages. It uses the purest and standard bubble and smoke oils to make colorful bubbles that are filled with smoke. Imagine this: at an amusement park, bubbles filled with smoke float around while happy music plays, creating a fairytale-like scene.

On a budget, the MK-B13 LED smoke bubble machine is your wise choice. It can make bubbles with smoke or just regular bubbles. This is great for making things fun or cozy.

The 4-in-1 RGBW LED lighting adds vibrant colors to the bubbles. When the bubbles pop, they spread out fog ripples making the ground look nice. At weddings, this effect can make the couple feel special while standing in the fog as they bask in the blessings and joy of loved ones. With the MK-B13 smoke bubble machine, you can make awesome things happen at events that people will always remember. Just take care to clean up the wet floor after the bubbles pop.

2-way bubble fog machine smoke bubble machine

Captivating Smoke Bubbles with 2-Way LED Bubble Machine

Are you still worried about the constant bubble issues with smoke bubble machines?
MOKA’s MK-B13 2-way bubble fogger features two robust silent fans built-in, propelling fog bubbles up to 3-5 meters high. Along with the brand-new design of the air outlet, it can blow the fog bubbles even higher and farther, instantly covering spaces of 200–400 square meters. If you use it outdoors, the natural breeze also helps, making the bubbles float much further in the air.

Additionally, the air outlet allows you to manually adjust multiple angles. A key point to note is that the larger the angle of the air outlet, the wider the coverage of the smoke bubbles.

When you want to show some highlights with smoke bubbles, a smaller angle is preferred. Let’s imagine using the LED smoke bubble machine at a dance party. As the smoke bubbles descend from the air, they precisely gather in the dancing area or at specific spots on the stage. When the bubbles pop, releasing smoke that envelops the performers in a misty haze, it captures the audience’s attention, making them the focus of the event.
However, if the event theme leans towards joyful high energy, you can choose to open the air outlet angle. This allows the smoke bubbles to be propelled high and far by strong airflow, resulting in an experience where all ages can enjoy the fun of chasing and popping bubbles all around.

Old types often faced the same issue that the fog-filled bubbles don’t always come out the same. Some bubbles seem normal, while others have a bit of smoke in them. MOKA SFX has a perfect solution for this inconsistency! The upgraded combined design of the bubble and smoke nozzles shortens the output distance, ensuring each bubble can wrap the fog, so a flawless effect appears.

Are you looking for an even more exquisite smoke bubble effect? Sure, fog density can be modified. It’s recommended to keep the smoke volume between 25-38%, ideally not going over 50%. Bubbles that are more packed with high-density fog can be heavier, causing them to drop faster or pop sooner. In no need for a smoke effect, you just simply set the smoke volume to 0. In this mode, the smoke bubble machine changes into a regular bubble machine, so you don’t have to buy an additional bubble machine anymore.

MOKA SFX’s 2-way fog bubble machine not only optimizes the quality and quantity of smoke bubbles, but also enhances the visual effect with the 4-in-1 RGBW LED! Each nozzle is surrounded by twelve 3-watt LED beads, combining four light sources (red, green, blue, and white). These LEDs not only illuminate pure colors but also bathes the bubbles in a blend of colorful light. If you hold a large-scale birthday party outdoors, the dreamy smoke bubbles with colorful LED lights will definitely fill the whole scene with a festive spirit.

What Benefits Does the Latest LED 2-Way Smoke Bubble Machine Bring?

Improved Quality and Efficiency:
You might have experienced challenges achieving perfect smoke bubble quality. Old types often faced issues where smoke and bubbles didn’t mix perfectly. The bubbles it produced contained very little smoke, and some were even just regular bubbles. This resulted in the smoke and bubble outputs taking two separate paths.

MK-B13 bubble machine has improved in two key ways: it’s more durable with a metal casing, and it combines the outlets for smoke and bubbles, merging the nozzles closely. In the video, you’ll see that as the bubbles form, they wrap around the smoke, improving the success rate of creating smoke-filled bubbles.

For bubble production efficiency, MOKA SFX has put a lot of effort into optimizing the machine’s suitability in various spacious settings. Based on feedback collected, traditional smoke bubble machines typically featured single nozzle designs or used a bubble wand or wheel to dip bubble solution from a reservoir at the front edge of the bubble machine. The wheel rotated like a Ferris wheel, creating bubbles as it spun 360 degrees, driven by internal fans.

However, such simple designs often struggle to meet customers’ demands. Over time, you will find that parts wore out, and the bubble flow became inconsistent or intermittent.
Our new MK-B13 LED 2-Way Fog Bubble Machine has a clever design. It uses two nozzles and separate tanks for the liquids along with hoses. Inside, there’s a strong pump to push the liquid out. Interestingly, it has a moving bubble rod at the outlets. This rod creates lots of smaller bubbles by swinging from side to side, breaking the continuous flow of bubbles. In this way, it makes bubbles more steadily and cuts down on parts rubbing.

Separate Fuel Tank Design:
As you can see in the images, it features a unique design with three covered oil tanks, along with hoses for liquid transport. In the past, bubble oil and fog oil had to be placed in the reservoir at the front edge, but that’s no longer the case. This design stops any outside elements from affecting the bubble oil. So, even after several hours, the bubble oil won’t dry up or solidify. You don’t need to worry about the bubble quality.

Separate tank design also prevents direct contact between the liquids and the machine. If you need to clean it after use, this would make the process more convenient.

The new type also introduces a visualized water-level window with markings. This allows you to observe the oil level more effectively, prevents the machine from running dry. And avoid overfilling when you are refilling bubble oil and fog oil. These thoughtful details show MOKA’s customer-centric approach, providing you with more eco-friendly solutions that will definitely come in handy.

Enhanced Liquid Utilization with Hoses:
The entry of hoses has altered the production structure of the older smoke bubble machines. Many of them lack hoses, leading to liquid splattering issues during operation. So, the MK-B13 LED 2-Way Fog Bubble Machine makes hoses connected to the tanks.

Also, the old’s bubble wheel couldn’t fully touch the bottom of the reservoir. This always requires you to pour at least 1.5 liters of bubble oil to reach the baseline fluid level, otherwise, the oil liquid below the baseline is unusable and would be wasted. Instead, hoses can draw liquid from every corner of the tank, maximizing bubble oil utilization.

In addition to fluid transport, the hoses feature a reflux function, making residual oil after use flow back into the tank, more environmentally friendly. You can feel free to use the entire machine away from the internal oil solutions clog-up.

Improved Heating Efficiency:
The MK-B13 fog bubble machine has greatly improved heating speed, thanks to its high-power 900W unit that achieves fog oil heating readiness in around 6 minutes.
Furthermore, this machine features an intelligent temperature control system that automatically maintains the temperature within the optimal range. When the temperature falls below the set value, the system initiates heating automatically. You don’t have to babysit the machine and manually heat it. Once the temperature goes beyond, the system will automatically stop heating to prevent dry running.

No More Worries for Bubble Accumulation, Residue, and Noise Issues:
Have you ever come across such issues? Like smoke bubbles sticking to the machine’s casing, or bubbles popping and causing water to drop on the ground, forming a puddle?

The new LED 2-way smoke bubble machine fixes these problems with its special fan system and clever air outlet design. Two quiet, high-speed fans blow the bubbles up from the beginning. At the same time, there are also two air outlets under the machine that you can change the angle of. They work together to make the airflow even better. This smart idea helps the machine make strong air that pushes the bubbles to go higher and farther. And the most is, bubbles won’t stick together or get stuck at the outlets anymore.

Consumables for the 2-Way Smoke Bubble Machine

To turn on the MK-B13 LED 2-Way Fog Bubble Machine, you need bubble oil and smoke oil.

MOKA SFX provides special bottled liquids that make fantastic, colorful bubble effects. When you use our liquids in your machine, you’ll save money over time compared to making your own soap mixtures. Plus, our oil-based fog and bubble solutions last longer than water-based options. This means the LED lights stay bright, the bubbles stay playful, and the fog stays cool for a longer time.

LED 2-Way Fog Bubble Machine has three 2.3-liter tanks: two for bubble oil and one for fog oil. This ample storage capacity means you won’t need to refill frequently. Filling it once can keep the machine running for a long time. As bubbles dance in the air, releasing fog at weddings, concerts, performances, parties, and special events, the fog bubble machine works like magic, infusing vibrant visuals into the scene and creating an unforgettable atmosphere and stage effects.

Smoke oil consumes about 32ml per minute, while bubble oil about 91ml per minute. With all three tanks in use, the fog oil lasts for nearly 72 minutes, and the bubble oil lasts for 25 minutes. This guarantees your event keeps the fun going without any breaks.

MK-B13 LED Smoke Bubble Machine Supports Various Control Methods

It offers support for an LCD panel, wireless remote, and DMX control. Depending on the occasion, you can randomly choose the method that suits your needs.

You can easily change parameters, not just for bubbles and fog, but also for the LED lights. This includes speed, concentration, mode switching, interval timing, duration, cascade connection, and synchronized output settings.

①LCD Screen Control Panel – Up-Close and Hands-On
Once the machine is running, the LCD screen lights up, you can tweak the machine’s output mode. Through the Menu Button, set parameters like smoke volume, smoke interval speed, smoke duration, timing functions, DMX addressing and connection matching, LED playback programs, and mode adjustments (LED Speed / Strobe / Fade). It also offers manual on-the-fly stopping and output locking.

②Wireless Remote – Within 50 meters Range
The remote control has four buttons – press to start or stop. It works smoothly for events like exhibitions, speeches, or company celebrations. No more messy, just focus on making your event awesome.

③DMX Control – Ideal for Remote Operation
The MK-B13 fog bubble machine uses a 3-pin cable to connect to DMX 8-channel control. The DMX console not only allows you to set basic parameters like the LCD panel can do but also offers more details. Specific guidance can be found in the instruction. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor lively party or a large-scale event, DMX control enables you to finely adjust the ambiance to perfection.

Doesn’t this make you feel excited? This high-quality stage atmosphere prop offers an excellent cost-effective solution, making it the perfect choice for you. So, now is the time for you to place your order. Elevate your event experience with the MOKA SFX MK-B13 2-way bubble fog machine.

How to Use the Smoke Bubble Machine?

This fog bubble machine is designed for easy use, following these steps can you master it:

  • Plug-in cables to the right ports.
  • Fill fog and bubble tanks, then power on, and heat fog oil. (Do not add any other liquids such as soap water or perfume!)
  • After 6 minutes, when it shows up “Ready”, choose the production mode through the LCD panel.
  • Adjust LED colors for ambiance.
  • Use DMX control for finer adjustments.


  • Handle them with your dry hands.
  • Connect multiple devices with ample power.
  • Ensure enough liquid, and avoid overfilling.
  • Contact MOKA’s team for issues, not self-repair.
  • After use, empty the oil tanks, and store them in a cool place for next time.

For regular hose cleaning, here’s a handy tip!
After use, unplug the machine, remove the hoses’ suction side from the tanks, and place them in a large barrel of clean water. Turn on the power and switch, letting water flow through the hoses, pump, and nozzles to clean most parts of the machine.
But the cleaning process varies slightly for bubble and fog hoses: Bubble oil hoses can be cleaned with plain water, while fog oil hoses should be cleaned with a mixture of 80% distilled water and 20% white vinegar to remove impurities. Be cautious to prevent dry heating!

If that’s not enough, the product comes with a manual and even YouTube tutorials. Follow our YouTube channel “MOKA SFX for the latest updates! Feel free to leave comments.

Where to Use the Smoke Bubble Machine

The MK-B13 Fog Bubble Machine brings captivating fog and bubbles to all kinds of events. It’s easy to use and can be installed in different ways, even hung up on the truss if needed. Imagine a wedding where the bride and groom are saying their vows. As they speak, magical fog-filled bubbles gently float down, adding extra romance and excitement.

Whether you’re a DJ, a wedding planner, or in charge of concerts, amusement parks, celebrations, or business exhibitions, this smoke bubble machine will create a fun and unforgettable atmosphere.

Besides the MK-B13 Fog Bubble Machine, we make other special effects gadgets like foam party machines, snow machines, DJ bubble machines, and more. These are for event organizers and enthusiasts. Each price of the machine gives different effects to fit specific needs.

For big events, you can use multiple devices together to make the atmosphere even better. Don’t worry about managing them – our products are designed to work well together. You can control everything with one DMX console and cables.
With different special effect machines combined, you can make parties and events more fun. People will have a great time and interact more.


The LED 2-Way smoke bubble machine isn’t just versatile, it’s an impressive upgrade from earlier models. Its powerful features, including smoke, bubbles, and LED effects, are too many to describe briefly. To fully grasp its capabilities, you need to experience its stage effects and explore its different settings. With MOKA SFX producing over 5000 machines per month, you can rely on our swift order fulfillment and dependable products. To build your trust in our company, we offer a 1-year warranty for the MK-B13. Are you interested in trying a DMX controller? Or curious about the best pricing options? Reach out to us for inquiries – Our MOKA team is available 24/7 to provide you with satisfying quotes!

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