MK-B08 Double Fan Bubble Fog Machine

To add more romantic and mysterious effects to the atmosphere of a scene, bubbles mixed with fog just can make a perfect match, here MOKA SFX double fan bubble fog machine MK-B08 will be an ideal device to bring you such effects.

It is a fun plug-and-play machine that pumps out bubbles and fog, perfect for use of parties, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, stages and even can be used for mobile DJs and discos.

  • Bubble and Fog 2in1 Effect
  • With 2 Fans
  • DMX512 & Remote Control
  • 2000w power


Voltage:AC100/220V, 50Hz/60hz
Max Power:2000W
Control:DMX512 / Remote Control
DMX Channel:2
Oil Capacity:TBC
Product Size:TBC
Packing Size:61x46x40cm (Carton)
Component:Power Cord, DMX Cord
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Here's all the little things you care about.

Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


MOKA MK-B08 Double Fan Bubble Fog Machine is a reliable shaped and powerful device with double blower fans, they drive the double wheels which are in the front side keep swirling under a large rotation speed 30rpm so it can produce hundreds of colorful bubbles and blow them up to the air.

The machine has an individual liquid tank to contain 2L fog fluid, you can see the volume of fog liquid in the tank easily through the indication scale on the rear of the machine, fog liquid goes through the pump inside the machine and takes couple minutes to heat up before smoke effect comes out.

Just because fog liquid heat-up system, the metal outer case of machine has ventilation holes on both side and rear side to cool down the temperature of the machine, keep away and don’t touch ventilation holes during machine working and be aware that to turn off the machine before refill fog liquid to the tank.

MK-B08 Double Fan Bubble Fog Machine in a portable designed in a strong durable metal housing is equipped with two Handgrips and four non-noise wheels, very easy transport and convenient to carry for some moving use demands.

If hanging use, make sure installation is safety fastening.


It has control penal and LCD screen on the rear for manual setting of smoke volume and smoke spray time, or control smoke shoot and stops with a wireless remote controller.

Each machine comes with DMX signal cable for connecting machines and your DMX control, so you can also control it by DMX.

You will feel it easy operation, just set the MK-B08 Double Fan Bubble Fog Machine on a flat surface at the desired position to avoid leaks and spills, pour good quality bubble oil into the front bin, switch the rear button on, the machine will start to work automatically to produce bubbles.

When setting up MK-B08 Double Fan Bubble Machine to your events, assure that the surroundings are suitable, be sure to take caution due to wet surfaces.

MK-B08 Double Fan Bubble Fog Machine compliance with CE RoHS FCC safety certification, it encased in durable and environmentally safe material.

MOKA SFX has bubble oil for sale if you need consumable supply also.

Take action to bring MOKA MK-B08 Double Fan Bubble Fog Machine to your party and create a colorful dreamy bubble & fog effect on your audience. MOKA SFX team ready service 24/7.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Bubble Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

What Makes MK-B08 bubble wedding machine the Perfect Machine Available


    ▾ How to operate the MK-B08 bubble wedding machine
    ▾ Where can you use the MK-B08 bubble wedding machine?.
    ▾ 10 advantages of using the MK-B08 bubble wedding machine
    ▾ Important things to always check before the MK-B08 bubble wedding machine performance
    ▾ Free Quote
    ▾ Conclusion

When it comes to bubble wedding machines, you look for the most amazing bubbles producer. You don’t want to host a party and have your bubble wedding machine disappointing you. Some machines will produce small bubbles to the extent of not recognizing the bubbles. This poor performance will turn you down, giving your party the worst impression. We work to help avoid this by offering you a unique machine with an exclusive bubble production extravaganza.
If you need a bubble wedding machine for your wedding, party, and other joyful events, this machine will serve you. My friend got the perfect bubble wedding machine from MOKA SFX a month ago. He still tells me that our MK-B08 bubble wedding machine made his event the most astonishing thing he has ever created. The fact that you will crown several events with this one machine makes it worth having.

The fact that the machine produces the best bubbles in your event makes it competitive. For DJs and event planners, you will need this bubble smoke machine with you. The event gets remembered for the longest time as your audience gets the best experiences. Since our bubble machine helps you in your career, we encourage you to purchase it from us for good times.

How to operate the MK-B08 bubble wedding machine

You will need to place the machine on a flat, comfortable surface. This position helps prevent spills and leaks. Go ahead to pour your quality bubble oil into the canister at the front. Go ahead and press the rear button to switch it on. The machine will start working to produce bubbles for that beautiful event of yours.

Where can you use the MK-B08 bubble wedding machine?

We have produced this bubble smoke machine to allow you to use it at various events and occasions. The below venues will suit the use of a bubble machine perfectly.

MK-LD02 will Deliver the Perfect Wedding Party:

What do you have in store to make the event spectacular as an event planner or DJ to a wedding? Don’t just host a boring event when we developed the best device to make you a star. When you use this device during the event’s partying time, your audience will enjoy it to the maximum. Just as a wedding brings with it romance in the air, so does our MK-B08 bubble machine. The bubbles would fall from the sky if you erected the machine on high ground. If the lights illuminate these bubbles and a fog machine does its work, the scene will become breathtaking. We offer you a chance to bring the best experiences to your events with our bubble wedding machine.


The best parties must embrace the bubble fun. Imagine going to a party with no bubbles, no fog or smoke atmosphere, and a low lighting system. Don’t allow your party to be the most boring. People enjoy a bubble party as much as a smoke or fog combination. The combination brings with it an exclusive partying mood. A bubbles smoke machine will produce the perfect atmosphere for your party. The romantic mood dawns in, and you get to experience a connection that you never experienced before.

Most people will visit a particular club because of peculiar services. As a DJ, you will need our bubble smoke machine to make your club stand out in the clubbing competition. If this bubble machine adds to your audience’s experience, you will be happy to have your venue always full. The MK-B08 bubble smoke machine gives you the most fantastic clubbing satisfaction.

Music Festivals:

My cousin performed at this music festival event in our time on New Year’s Eve. She remembers one thing to date about that event. The feeling that accompanied her as she performed under a bubble experience. You may approve that bubble experiences go way beyond ordinary experience. As a music festival planner, you should let your performers and your audiences feel the difference. You may strategically place our bubble smoke machine above and below the venue. This positioning will let the smoke and bubbles color your event.

Large-scale outdoor events:

Many outdoor events at night become glamorous when bubbles and fog machines do their work. An event without these decorative machines will become a gloomy one. We offer you the MK-B08 bubble machine to bring excitement into your venue. The machine provides portability giving you humble time to place them strategically. You don’t need to wonder about what you require in planning for your outdoor event. Carry our bubble smoke machine with you, and be sure to make that event spectacular.

10 advantages of using the MK-B08 bubble wedding machine

It was specifically built to cater to your needs.

The MK-B08 bubble smoke machine has special features to facilitate your experience. The machine gets a unique production, allowing countless of bubbles to blow in the air while producing fog smoke to color your venue. The blower fans inside the machine keep the front wheels rotated to produce colorful bubbles as you perform to your audience.
The smoke generators have a ventilation-supported casing to offer you a full pleasure experience. Your smoke effects get special monitoring and control. You may easily access the LCD screen and control the penal. You may easily control smoke volume, spray time, smoke shoots, and stops through these features. Don’t worry about what to use to control the smoke. Your remote control facilitates these actions.

The machine allows for easy maintenance and portability.
The good thing with our MK-B08 bubble wedding machine involves the availability of mobility features. You get to wheel your machine around your venue for perfect positioning easily. The handgrips and two pairs of wheels will allow you to shoot a movie as well. We build the machine to offer you maximum comfort while performing. You may hang the bubble smoke machine and produce the perfect smoke and bubbles.
If you look for the best, easily portable yet high-performing bubble wedding machine, be sure to be satisfied with our product. We produce high-quality and durable products to serve you for the longest time.

Assurance of perfect partying effect

Our bubble wedding machine features to ensure that you receive high-quality colored bubbles and smoke effects. As a DJ, you go looking for the perfect device to provide you with an un-forgetful partying experience. If you purchase this product, you will rest assured that your services get the most quality aura. The colorful bubbles stream at a fan-oriented speed mix perfectly with the smoke. If your lighting effect has the same beautiful colors, your party becomes an exclusive party with bubbles and smoke.

You will get a durable devise and service

Do you intend to purchase a long-lasting bubble machine? We bring you our latest MK-B08 bubble and smoke machine. Our materials meet the quality standard for assured durable use of our product. You won’t complain about ground wear since our protective casing with wheels will make things easy. The friction that results from machine-ground contact gets limited by the wheels that aid in movement. Our steel features come made of stainless steel. If you use high-quality bubble oil, then you will witness no corrosive effects. You will receive quality service with a durable assurance machine.

Remote-control Enabled

Many people fear purchasing the manual bubble wedding machine. You don’t want to walk over your machine every time you need bubbles produced. If you get multiple machines, then having people simultaneously switch on and off the machines may prove tedious. You will not only need more resources but also take a lot of time. The experience won’t be exciting as if you could have your machines operate automatically.
We provide you with the most efficient remote-controlled bubble wedding machine. Even if your audience were big, you would comfortably use your remote to control the bubble and smoke effect. You get to make your bubbles get produced as you wish. You won’t be struggling to make your event extraordinary. It will automatically become the most fantastic event with our MK-B08 bubble wedding machine.

Easy fluid monitoring

Imagine performing at an event, and when you badly need that smoke or bubble machine, nothing comes out. We envisioned this scenario and came up with the perfect way to prevent such occurrences. Our team of experts made sure your machine has an indication scale at the rear of the machine. You will quickly get the chance to monitor fluid levels. There won’t be a time your fluid finishes unexpectedly.

Certification and warranty benefits

Our company prides itself on the certification of our products. You will get uncompromised quality products from a range of our products. The quality and safety of our MK-B08 bubble wedding machine make our clients satisfied with the product. Our company guarantees you that our MK-B08 has passed the international Ce/RoHS/FCC product qualifications. If you purchase with us, you get assured of getting an internationally accepted product.

International product acceptance

We ensured that we produce our bubble smoke machine to meet international standards. The company produces products fit and recognizable by the European Union. We ensure that member EU states receive our products, making it easier for you to access the MK-B08 bubble wedding machine. There won’t be a reason to have a bubble-less party if you may easily access it in your market.

Environmentally friendly machine

Are you wondering about the safety of the bubbles and smoke produced by our machine? Worry no more, for we ensure that our bubble wedding machine meets the environmental safety requirements. The stringent requirements for environmental and human safety comprise our fundamental values. We met the requirements making our product safe for the environment and human population. We assure you that our product contains zero hazardous components that may affect the environment or people.

Availability of fans

The turbofans are installed in the device. The turbofans in the unit allow the bubbles to blow away furthest due to high speed blowing power. A bubble machine that doesn’t blow the bubbles around makes the party dull. When the bubbles get blown by multiple machines in different colors, it creates a dreamlike feeling. The mood and atmosphere you will experience in such a scenario define all the fun.
We ensure to manufacture these bubble wedding machines considering your immediate needs. We look forward to ultimate satisfaction as you make your event memorable. Your events will always have that exclusive experience to grant you a trusted audience.

Important things to always check before the MK-B08 bubble wedding machine performance

We enjoy it when our buyers get a good time experience with our device. To receive maximum satisfaction, we have put down some important considerations while using our device.

1. Always ensure your surfaces stay dry. The bubble machine has wheels that aid in mobility. To stay safe and free from accidents, you should always keep your services dry. We won’t want you to fall and have the machine inflict injury on you. Dry surfaces prevent electrocution as well. Remember that our bubble wedding machine uses electricity to run. These electric cables used to connect the machine electrically need dry surfaces. You prevent electrocuting yourself or any other person by keeping your surfaces dry.

2. Ensure secure hanging bubble wedding machines. We don’t want your event to turn out catastrophic. While trying to produce a fantastic bubble scene, you may make the venue dangerous. Some hanging bubble machines, if not tightly secured, may cause danger to the audience. The bubble wedding machine has some substantial weight of its own. Now imagine a scenario where a loosely hanged machine falls on your audience’s heads or, better still, your head. As hilarious as the scene might look, it may also pose a danger. To avoid this from happening, always ensure that the machines get a tight fix to their hanging positions. You don’t want your audience nursing injuries at your event.

3. Always monitor the level of your smoke-producing fluid. You have now become familiar with how our bubble wedding machine works. For you to perform correctly, always ensure that your fluid level stays on the preferred level. You will not only get an astonishing smoke stop but also be at risk of destroying your device. The visible indication scale lets you monitor the fluid level. Always check the scale and re-fill your fluid if needed.

4. Conduct our company in case of a malfunction. Although our products meet all requirements, faults and malfunctions tend to occur. If you purchase a bubble wedding machine from us and experience any difficulties, feel free to reach us. Our warranty agreement allows us to fix your machine or offer a replacement if needed. Always keep your warranty document safe in case a need arises. You may go through the document and learn of the items suitable for return.

Free Quote

Are you looking for a company to provide you with the most exclusive special effect equipment? Look no further. We delight in making your event spectacular. We do prior research on the features already available on already existing special effect equipment. We work with the best technicians to bring you unique and updated designs in the market. This equipment ranges from smoke machines, fog machines, and bubble machines. We pride ourselves on offering you what your event needs. If you perform with our bubble smoke machine, not only will your audience enjoy it but also get the chance to build a strong brand. Our company offers you more than fun times. We offer you a career.


When it comes to creating bubbles, the MK-B08 bubble wedding machine ensures an outstanding show. The bubbles blow in a colorful stream of color bubbles creating a fantastic atmosphere for all those in attendance. If you intend to create a dreamland mood and theme, consider having the MK-B08 bubble smoke machine in your event.
The MK-B08 bubble wedding machine will offer a solution to your special effect needs. You will feel good well you get everything sorted in creating the perfect atmosphere for your party. We develop this equipment to let you make extraordinary advances in perfecting what you envision. The supportive features and user-friendliness add to the uniqueness of this device. You don’t have to struggle to carry the bubble wedding machine around. The wheels let you strategically position the device anywhere in your intended venue.

To experience these beautiful moments, own your MK-B08 bubble wedding machine today. Our company will delight in producing you the bubble machine of your choice. Don’t let your events bore your audiences. Consider purchasing special effect equipment including the bubble machine with our company. When you deliver the perfect show, we feel motivated to come up with more fascinating products. Bubble up your event today.

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