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MOKA Bubble Machine can Create a Romantic Atmosphere to Your Event. The Effect will be Very Shocking and will Bring Unexpected Results to Your Stage.

Stage Bubble Machine

MOKA SFX stage bubble machines are widely used at weddings, stage performances, bars, ballrooms, storefronts, festival celebrations, children’s paradises, and so on. Our stage bubble machine is produced under strict process control, qualified for any requirements:

  • Not easy to rust, long service life.
  • Overall shape forming, portable, and practical.
  • Various control modes, including manual, remote, and DMX control.
  • The fan is big and powerful, and the bubbles are high and far away

MOKA Stage Bubble Machine

MK-B12 smoke bubbler

4in1 LED 4-Way Smoke Bubble Machine

smoke bubble machine

LED 2-Way Smoke Bubble Machine

new bubble machine

Bubble Master Machine

bubble machine

200W Bubble Machine

bubble machine

35W Roller Bubble Machine

bubble machine

DMX Roller Bubble Machine

7 Layers Roller Supper Bubble Machine (DMX/Manual)

MOKA Stage Bubble Machine

If you are looking for a reliable stage bubble machine supplier, Moka will be your premier choice.

MOKA SFX stage bubble machine (some clients call it to stage roller bubble machine) includes 200W double roller bubble machine, 60W double roller bubble machine, 35W double roller bubble machine, and 150W three-roller bubble machine.

Moka’s best stage bubble machine has Lightweight metal case and durable construction, which makes it convenient both for indoor and outdoor activities.

They generally support remote control and manual control, some models can also DMX512 control, and it is easy to carry.

Moka stage bubble machines are widely used on wedding, stage performance, bar, ballroom, storefront, festival celebration, children’s paradise and so on.

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MK-B12 smoke bubbler

Popular Fog Bubble Machine 2024

  • 4 nozzles, thousands of bubbles per minute
  • 48pcs RGBW 4in1 LED beads
  • DMX, remote, and manual control
  • 1400W, up to 400-500㎡ coverage

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MOKA Bubble FX

MOKA stage bubble machine is produced under strict process control, qualified for any requirement.

MOKA has a strong and efficient after-sales support team to solve any of your problems. If you have any problem when using MOKA stage bubble machines, you just need to send us detailed images, videos to explain the problem, our support team will give you the best solution within 12 hours.

As a professional stage bubble machines manufacturer, MOKA has focused more on the stage bubble machine R&D, production and sales, you will get our latest stage bubble machine designs every 3 months, one simple new design may boom your business in your country.

You can 100% trust the MOKA DJ stage bubble machine because all our special effect equipment has passed the full certification include CE certification, FCC certification, and RoHs certification.

Our stage bubble machines for sale and rental have been exported all over the world, like Europe, the USA, South America, and Southeast Asia, etc.

MOKA SFX aims to skyrocket your business with our high-quality stage bubble machines and other series FX machines, contact with MOKA and get an instant quote on our stage bubble machine.


Bubble machine


A Guide To Selecting The Right Bubble Machine


    ▾ What is a Bubble Machine?
    ▾ Why Should You Get a Bubble Machine?
    ▾ What Are The Elements of a Bubble Machine?
    ▾ How to Use a Bubble Machine?
    ▾ Where Can You Use The Bubble Machine?
    ▾ What is The Price Range For Bubble Machines?
    ▾ How to Maintain a Bubble Machine?
    ▾ What Are The Safety Measures?
    ▾ Should You Rent or Buy a Bubble Machine?
    ▾ How Difficult is it to Transport The Bubble Machine?
    ▾ Can You Run The Bubble Machine Indoors?
    ▾ Is it Safe to Use More Types of Equipment Around Bubble Machines at a Single Event?

We can all agree when we say bubbles are for everyone regardless of their age. You might see more bubbles during an artist’s performance than with a kid. That’s because bubble machines are trending on a whole new level nowadays. The demand for these beautiful, buoyant creations has increased for big stage events.

Bubble machines are a hit at weddings, stage performances, bars, ballrooms, storefronts, festivals, and more. It creates a whimsical ambiance that people feel like escaping to. Plus, it’s always fun to see an astonished face when kids have bubbles blowing all around them.

The bubble machine’s shape makes for a functional and portable gadget. It doesn’t rust quickly and lasts long. The machine has several other features like various control modes, including manual, remote, and DMX control.

In case you’re looking to get one, we have a complete guide for you before you invest in a bubble machine. There are different features, types, and safety measures that we have mentioned so that your bubbles can fly high and far away!


Bubble machine


What is a Bubble Machine?

A bubble machine is every kid’s dream, or adult’s! Generally, it is defined as a machine that electrically operates to blow bubbles. The mechanism of the machine is, in fact, as simple as the bubble wand you bought in your childhood.

It forces the air to flow through the liquid wet rings, and that is how bubbles are made. Only this time, it is operated electrically and has a switch to start blowing the bubbles continuously.


Why Should You Get a Bubble Machine?

The most significant selling point is that you get all the bubbles in the world! Well, if you are still not convinced, then we have a few other points as well. Here’s why getting a bubble machine is going to be one of the best choices you will ever make for the events that you organize.

  • Long-lasting

You will not regret buying the bubble machine because it will last longer than most products. The product was made keeping durability in mind, so you receive the service that you paid for.

You can consider this as an inexpensive purchase since you will be using it at multiple stage shows and weddings for quite a while. Whatever size you decide to buy, your investment will still be just as good. However, it is recommended that you stick to small or medium sizes unless you need a large one to host large-scale events.

  • Perfect ambiance

Are you looking forward to hosting some grand concerts, wedding parties or other events? Imagine our partygoers spread across the dance floor and dancing to good music, while some laser lights hit and shine on the bubbles all across the room. If that sounds like a great party to you, then you should go for the bubble machine.

Regardless of the event type, the bubble machine will not fail to astonish you. You will get a better than estimated ambiance every time you organize an event.

All events could benefit from a bubble machine as all age groups like bubbles. It is an effortless way to enhance your event vibe. Most times, it is tough to decide what people like or dislike when hosting an event. But bubbles are no doubt a majority’s favorite.

  • Safe

Yes, the bubble machine is completely safe. There are rarely any situations when something could go wrong with the machine, but most times, it is pure joy. However, you should take precautions near the power supply and motors if there are any liquids at the event.

  • Versatile usage

Your bubble machine can be used anywhere and everywhere. From church wedding events to big stage concerts, the limit just extends. The sole reason that you can use the bubble machine anywhere is that it creates a joyful environment.

People instantly feel happy looking at bubbles. So keep your bubble machine handy for every party order that comes along or for Christmas days when you have to organize a carnival in town.

  • Easy to carry

The bubble machine is made with a lightweight metal that makes it easy to carry around. Even if your machine is large, it will still be portable. You can easily move it outdoors and indoors. Take your little bubbles of joy with you wherever you are organizing the next party.

  • Power

A bubble machine with good power and voltage capacity will make your bubbles go as far as possible. Sometimes, large-sized bubble machines can make the bubbles go as far across the broader arenas as possible, and the wind is also a factor.

However, if your goal is for small scale parties, then you don’t have to consider the bigger machines. Thus, decide on a machine size that will suit your needs and one that you will use more than occasionally.

  • Mode Options

Some products have a couple of in-built control modes. You have a manual mode, remote control mode, and the DMX mode.

Manual mode refers to always being present to change the settings. Remote control mode allows you to change the settings from a certain distance during the event. DMX mode raises your enhancement levels to another level. They allow you to control the lighting so you can have colorful lights shining off of the bubbles.


Bubble machine


What Are The Elements of a Bubble Machine?

You certainly will not be getting a headache trying to figure out how to use the bubble machine. The machine has very few parts that have been assembled together to create lovely iridescent bubbles.

  • Tank: You fill the tank with a bubble solution. It should be waterproof and have a little depth to it. So the rings can circle back and soak in the bubble solution.
  • Rings: A wreath with rings will be attached in the front. As the motor starts, the wreath rotates and picks up the bubble solution. On reaching the top, the blower will blow the bubbles through the rings.
  • Motor: A motor will spin slowly to get the bubble machine going.
  • Blower: The blower will be attached behind the wreath to blow through the rings. It forces the bubble out of the rings.
  • Power: The blower and the spinner need the power to put the machine into movement, and the power source will do just that.


How to Use a Bubble Machine?

Using the bubble machine is not the toughest aspect of owning the bubble machine. All you have to do is refill the tank when it runs out of bubble solution, and then switch it on. Maintain the machine so that it lasts long for the events that you organize, although the machine will not usually cause a problem.


Where Can You Use The Bubble Machine?

Bubble machines are adaptable in any place, even when there is nothing to celebrate. Due to their variation in sizes, you can use them everywhere, for all sorts of occasions. Bubbles are a great décor piece, especially if you have a larger ground to cover. You can also use it in combination with a fog machine for cool effects.

Here are some places where a bubble machine will fit right in:

  • Concert performances
  • Children’s parties
  • Pool parties
  • Festival celebrations
  • Fairs
  • Film sets
  • Weddings
  • Church events
  • Stage events
  • Fundraisers

You could have your event indoors, and you will still not be restricted. The bubble machine is safe and will not put your attendees at risk.

As long as there are people around you, you can bring your bubble machine everywhere. We can assure you that they will try to burst the bubbles around them at least once. Most people were once kids dreaming of bubble machines.


Bubble machine


What is The Price Range For Bubble Machines?

The price range varies with the size of the bubble machine. Also, the quote for the bubble machines will vary depending upon the features on offer, and the energy and power consumption too.

Generally, a medium-sized bubble machine is ideal for semi-professional events. These would include small-scale DJs, weddings, gatherings, and parties.

The large-sized bubble machine is used professionally, such as classy clubs or large scale stage performances. These bubble machines are high power and provide complete area coverage to suit the grand events.


How to Maintain a Bubble Machine?

If you are planning to buy a bubble machine, it is important that you maintain it well to be able to use it for multiple events that you organize. Well, it will not be that long, since the machine is easy-to-maintain. You should follow the specific instructions while cleaning it or transporting it from one venue to the other.

Even so, we have some general set of instructions for you to keep in mind:

  • Usually, all you will need to do is rinse the bubble liquid tank and the rings with lukewarm water after every use.
  • In case a thick solution was used, you may fill the tank with warm water and switch on the bubble machine. This will help clean the solution off the rings.
  • Always remember to store the machine after drying completely. This will avoid long-term issues.


What Are The Safety Measures?

The bubble machine is one of the safest party or event equipment. However, if you are having a party in wet places, for instance, near the pool, then make sure no one spills water over the power source or any of the cords. Even though they are insulated, it is better to take precautions.

MOKA SFX Bubble machines are free of contaminants. But it is always good to check whether the bubble solution you are using is non-toxic or not. This could affect the skin uncertainly and also be harmful at a kid’s party.

Finally, just enjoy the success of organizing the bubble party that your clients will love and appreciate.


Bubble machine


Should You Rent or Buy a Bubble Machine?

It is certainly a smarter idea to invest in a bubble machine. Being an event organizer or a party planner, you would want to make this happening and exciting bubble machine a part of the majority of events. So, it would be an affordable choice to purchase it for your company. This way, you can maintain a standard in the market and successfully plan out wedding receptions and stage shows with bubble machines.


How Difficult is it to Transport The Bubble Machine?

The bubble machines by MOKA are relatively compact and do not have unnecessary weight. Therefore, you will find it easy to ship the bubble machine to the venue of the party. Also, after the event, you can clean the machine and transport it back safely to the storage place that you have.

Also, there are mini sizes available in the bubble machines. At the same time, because of the integrated robust baking iron housing, the shipping of MOKA’s bubble machines is even easier. Additionally, these machines also have a handle that makes carrying and moving them from one place to the other quite easy and hassle-free.


Can You Run The Bubble Machine Indoors?

A bubble machine by MOKA allows you to do anything you wish to do due to its safe and easy operation. You can definitely run the machine indoors without worrying about safety. Plus, the bubbles will not harm the walls, floors, or furniture.

Also, since there is a handle to move around the machine, you can have it moved indoors or outdoors during an ongoing party without much trouble.

Bubble machine


Is it Safe to Use More Types of Equipment Around Bubble Machines at a Single Event?

Yes, of course! A bubble machine is a simple-to-operate and compact machine. So, you can definitely plan out and have other machines by MOKA at a single effect. These machines are sure to make your client’s party a big hit! You can include other equipment for laser lights, smoke machines, etc. However, take into consideration the more power supply that will be required. Otherwise, the maintenance and handling part is fairly easy. You can also use the bubble machine with machines such as CO2 jet machines or with laser lights for special effects.

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