Flower Booming: Complete the Party with Confetti Cannon

confetti machine, confetti popper

At every important moment in everyone’s life, we all desire a way to record, celebrate, or share those precious moments. A confetti cannon, a paper device that can instantly ignite the crowd’s atmosphere, is the perfect choice. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, holiday celebration, or other grand occasion, confetti can add an indelible charm to it. However, perhaps you are curious about how it bursts instantly, or perhaps you still have doubts about its safety, or you are worried about how to clean up the remaining paper on the ground. It’s okay, keep reading, maybe we can bring you some ideas and inspiration.

confetti cannon, confetti machine

What is Confetti Cannon?

Confetti cannon is a machine that can spray colored paper into the sky, and at an important moment, combining the burst of colored paper to enhance the explosiveness of the message, it can push the atmosphere of the event to the highest point.

How Does Confetti Cannon Work?

The confetti machine that loads the confetti cartridge works very simply, it detonates the confetti with an electric current, causing the colored paper inside to burst instantly. But rest assured, this does not pose any danger. As long as you do not use inferior confetti and maintain a safe distance from the crowd and audience.



Apart from using confetti cannons with bursts of colored paper, MOKA also offers various other types of confetti cannons to choose from. For example, those using gas cylinders, manually filled with colored paper, and more. You can browse through the options to get more information on the confetti machine.
For confetti cannons using confetti cartridges, MOKA offers single-head, double-head, and even four-head options for you to choose from. You can select the machine based on the size of the event venue.


  • Instantaneous Response
    If the confetti cannons fail to elevate the excitement of people at the exact moment when an explosive message is delivered, it can lead to disappointments as crucial moments cannot be repeated! To avoid such a scenario, we have independently designed a motherboard to ensure outstanding performance. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to instantly generate high-intensity electric current, easily burning off the down-lead inside the confetti bomb, allowing your confetti cannon to reaction without any delays. You will have a more stable and reliable performance, without worrying about any timing issues or the prospect of any awkward situations!
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  • Aesthetic and User-Friendly Design
    Compared to other electric confetti machines, our four-head confetti cannon, MK-CN04, is designed to be more compact and stylish. It can launch both colored paper and ribbon, providing different effects with a single machine! Additionally, it incorporates our self-developed high-performance PCB board, which has been improved in terms of control programs and multiple launching schemes, enabling it to perform single or multiple launches.
  • Easy Delivery to Your Doorstep!
    Taking transportation factors into consideration, we have also introduced compact confetti cannons. Despite their small size, they guarantee astonishing effects! The small size is merely for the purpose of convenient transportation.


  • Controlling the quality of confetti cartridges not only affects the effect of the confetti machine, but also can easily come in contact with electrical wires, causing short circuits and burning out machine motherboards!
  • Confetti popper can be purchased at your local store, or on Amazon/eBay. But one thing: make sure the quality of the confetti popper is guaranteed! I believe you don’t want any accidents to happen at the moment of launch, so try to buy confettis with good reputations.
  • Currently, we have some confetti cartridges in our warehouse in the United States. You can inquire with the staff if it can be shipped. Due to confetti poppers being classified as flammable and explosive materials, air transportation is not permitted.
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  • You may be wondering if the confetti cannons have an expiration issue. The good news is, their shelf life is unlimited! This means you can rest assured and don’t have to worry about them expiring quickly.
  • However, to ensure that the confetti cannons always remain in the best condition, proper storage is crucial. Please store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or high temperatures. This will help maintain their quality and ensure they are easy to use when you need to celebrate.
  • Lots of paper confetti everywhere! How can you clean them up as much as possible?
    First, clear all kinds of flat surfaces, such as shelves, tables, chairs, etc., with the aim of putting them all on the floor. When the confetti piles up, it should be easier to clean than scattered all over. Clear them by hand, as attempting to use a vacuum cleaner immediately may cause blockages, so it’s best to manually clear most of the confetti first, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the remaining parts. This will effectively remove the confetti and keep the floor clean.


  • Wedding
    The moments that cannot be replicated, such as when the newlyweds kiss and have their first dance, are the perfect opportunities to use confetti cannons! The confetti fluttering in the air will make the photos even more memorable.
  • Nightclub
    Relying solely on energetic music and alcohol can easily numb people. A club needs to keep igniting people’s passion and re-energizing the party atmosphere at any interval. Confetti cannons accompanying the music can shower the night with youthful vibes!
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  • Gender Reveal Party
    Announcing whether it’s a boy or a girl for each family! This exciting news needs to be enhanced with blue or pink confetti!
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  • Music Festival
    Music festivals highly value the flexible use of stage special effects equipment! Organizers should incorporate a variety of stage effects to immerse both the singers and the audience in the music. Confetti cannons can elevate the entire music experience to a climax.
  • Celebration Events
    Celebration events are definitely for celebrating some exciting news, right? At the moment when that explosive news is released, launching confetti cartridges can bring a double shock to people!

In the dazzling party, confetti cannons play a significant role in adding unlimited colors and fun to the celebration. Hopefully, this blog can bring some ideas to your purchases, ensuring that the visual feast always remains at its best. Looking forward to seeing the charm of confetti cannons at the next party, where laughter and surprises will always accompany you!

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