Using fire machine safely

Is Fire Machine REALLY Dangerous?

On November 18th, Brazilian rapper João was performing in Rio de Janeiro when he was accidentally hit by a flame projector, causing his pants to catch fire. This news demonstrates the potential dangers of using flame effects. So what measures can we take to reduce the probability of such risks?


First, carefully read the user manual and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before operating a fire projector.

  • Choose a suitable location and maintain adequate ventilation.

The area of the venue should not be too small. If you use the flame machine indoors, please maintain ventilation to avoid gas accumulation or fire hazards.

  • Keep away from flammable materials to prevent sparks from causing unexpected fires.
  • Check the hoses and connections to ensure proper installation.
  • Use the fuel that the manufacturer recommended.

Each product details page has our recommended fuel, Using the fuel correctly can effectively prevent machine failure and extend the service life of the machine. Click to view which fire machine you want to use.

  • Keep a safe distance from the audience

It may vary by the type of fire effect, the venue area, and local safety regulations. However, as a guidance, the most common advice is we should keep 10-15 feet (3-5 meter) as the minimum distance between the fire effect and the audience. This distance provides a safe zone and helps reduce any touch by accident or the risk of danger.

Learn more about safety tips of fire projector!

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FIRE!! Take Measures!

Next, the ignition of the flame machine should be done in a step-by-step manner, ensuring the presence of fire extinguishing equipment in the vicinity, as well as an adequate number of rescue and professional personnel. Turn to our professional clients for help if you have any problems operating the fire machine.

Here are the tips you need if there are any risks of catching fire:

  1. Evacuate the audience orderly and timely;
  2. Use the fire unit you prepared if the fire could be under control;
  3. Seek help from the local fire department and police immediately;
  4. Minimize the loss as much as possible;

Rely On Our Flame Machine!

  • Safety Certification

MOKA SFX products all have related CE certifications, including Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) certification and LVC certification, we also have RoHS certification which related environmental protection.

  • Reassuring Electrical Installation

In the process of making MOKA Flame FX, we already selected the materials carefully used for the appearance and professional techniques of the power supply and circuit assembly, ensuring the stability of power current and circuit isolation.

  • Safety Device

Besides, MOKA fire machines also have safety devices, safety channels and locks. The safety device could automatically shut down when its body tilts, remove safety hazards on uneven surfaces or be knocked over. And the safety tunnels and locks could prevent mis-touched and misoperation.

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Still Afraid of Fire? You Need This!

In short, stage flame machine have inherent risks, but using it responsibly for stage would make it not absolutely dangerous. Through this article, prioritizing safety, fire projector can still light up the party without big danger.

After these safety measures we mentioned, if you are still afraid of catching fire disaster, you should consider another product — Cold Spark Machine! It has the same amazing effects as the flame machine, More spectacular, the human body can barely get burned or scalded by the fireworks it emits (but it’s not recommended to do this all the time), so you can use it freely in any activity. Combining our lighting products, make an unforgettable moment on that special night!

Read more about our lighting products!

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