MOKA SFX EPL 380W 3 in 1 Pattern Moving Head Light

MOKA SFX EPL 380w pattern beam moving head light it is a linear 3 in 1 beam pattern light with high luminous efficiency, high integration, high effect and high speed. Combined with high-quality materials and high-tech design technology in native and abroad, it has super accurate positioning and strong anti-interference ability; Our own research and development of special optical lens, which integrates beam, pattern, dyeing and high-intensity focusing effect.


  • It adopts the international standard control signal DMX512, which is easy to operate and suitable for beginners.
  •  Three groups of optical lenses are used, which is far better than the usual beam lamp and can project high-definition patterns.
  •  The rotating octahedral prism can rotate in both directions, and the rotation speed can be adjusted to enrich the pattern projection effect. Complete linear dimming and variable stroboscopic speed.


Power supplyAC220V
Ballast380V electronic ballast
Light sourceExcellent lamp bulb
Bulb power380W
Color temperature7800k
Average service life1500h
Number of motorsA total of 15 silent motors
XY three-phase motorsDimming0-100% linear adjustment
Fixed color dialWhite light +8 colors
Static pattern disc6 white lights +9 patterns
Dynamic effect pattern discWhite light + aperture +3-segment arc dynamic effect pattern
Metal rotary pattern discWhite light + 7 Glass Patterns
Prisms8 prisms and 16 prisms
Control channel19ch channel
Size395 * 293 * 700mm (L * w * h)
Control signalInternational standard DMX512
AppearanceHHigh temperature resistant plastic
Lamp body colorBlack
Protection gradeIP20
Net weight20.8kg


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MOKA SFX 380w pattern moving head light adopts authoritative three-phase motor, constant current circuit board, full power 600w380v electronic ballast, 36V, 24V, 12V special supply voltage, with super accurate positioning and strong anti-interference ability.

Our own research and development of special optical lens, beam, pattern, dyeing, and high-intensity focusing effect. There is a color disc: white light +8 colors + linear CTO;.Three pattern discs, one is a static pattern disc: 6 white lights + 9 patterns; One is the dynamic effect disc: white light + aperture + 3-segment arc dynamic effect pattern;.One is a metal rotating pattern disc: white light +7 plug-in Glass patterns, which can be superimposed with the effect disc, and the logo can be customized and replaced at will.Independent: octaprism and hexadecimal prism, combined with the pattern function, can independently realize: 8+16+24 beam effect switching; It also has full-time linear beam and pattern reduction and amplification, and can be clearly adjusted at any angle. The maximum opening angle is 2-80 degrees.

Dynamic water ripple effect of full-time linear reduction and amplification.Integrated folding lamp hook, built-in battery power-off address, RDM console with address code, prism automatic adjustment function, convenient and fast. Solve the problem of stage remote surface lighting.


Faster rotation

MOKA SFX 380w pattern moving head light has prism automatic adjustment function, LCD 16million color touch TFT interface, convenient operation, beautiful interface, 180 degree reverse display, X and Y axis operation, adjustment and micro adjustment, software with correction and positioning function, high precision, rotating octahedral prism, bi-directional rotation, adjustable rotation speed, so as to enrich the pattern projection effect. Three groups of optical lenses are used, and the effect is far better than that of ordinary beam lamps, It can project high-definition patterns, and has intelligent protection against overheating. It can be placed horizontally, slanted and upside down.

Color change and multi linear focus

The three in one beam pattern lamp has 9 fixed patterns and 6 white lights (the beam size can be adjusted arbitrarily), as well as the dynamic effect pattern disc, white light + aperture +3-segment arc dynamic effect pattern and metal rotating pattern disc, and white light +7 Glass patterns, which can realize the effects of flowing water, shaking, random motion and slow and fast rainbow in both positive and negative directions.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX MOVING HEAD LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

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1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA SFX 380w 3 in 1 pattern moving head light


    ▾ What you need to know about beam moving head light
    ▾ Beam Moving Head Light Descriptions
    ▾ Modern Technology
    ▾ Why should you always consider MOKA SFX as your lighting service provider?
    ▾ Conclusion


What you need to know about beam moving head light

Our company is a certified lighting expert to help you in solving your lighting problems. Our company will help you in exploring your skills as well as enhancing your professionalism. With this 380W pattern moving head lights, you will be able to, take your events unique. Beam moving head lights are incorporated with modern technology to give you bright colored lights. The lights will also be moved continuously in different directions to ensure the room is heavily lit. so, it’s high time you venture into event organizing, gobo moving heads will turn your dreams into reality.

Beam Moving Head Light Descriptions

Electrical components are the major features and specifications that our customers are concerned about. Our beam moving head lights are made from modern technology to help you save your power consumption as well as safety. Beam moving head light has a lamp made of YODN consuming only 380W. With this amount of power, they operate at a cooler temperature of 8000 kelvins. This amount of energy is capable of keeping your wedding or any type of event live fr 2000 hours.

Modern Technology

Designed with modern know-how, beam lights are made of 18/24/30 control channels to give you all the modern lighting features. It also has a 16-bit 540 degrees and 270 degrees pan and tilt movement respectively.

Why should you always consider MOKA SFX as your lighting service provider?

MOKA SFX is always determined to ensure our customers’ needs are met. We are motivated by your choice of products. Our company encompasses the modern technology in the manufacture of moving head lights. This is to ensure your satisfaction and production of high quality goods. Furthermore, we are first class manufacturers of moving beam
brand accessories, skilled workers, and professional lighting controllers that are of high quality. Our 380W 3in 1 gobo moving head lights are not exceptions. Furthermore, we are always determined to help you in problem solving situations, we will give you an after sale service that will help you throughout and after the expiry of the one-year warranty.


Always strive to make your event unique using our 380 watts 3 in 1 beam moving head lights. They have unique features, which you will not find in any other LED lighting devices. You will get uniform and colored lights that are in a position to last for a very long time. So, what are you waiting for write us an email, and place your order now! MOKA SFX gobo moving head lights can bring innovation to your event.

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